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Lenya Wilson

Show Host

Lenya is a Celebrity Fashion Stylist and Image Consultant based in Los Angeles. She has worked in film and tv as well has published fashion editorial in magazines all over the world.

Lenya is also a Competitive Powerlifter and is the 2019 Southwest Regional Champion in her age and weight class. Lenya will be defending her title and attempting the California State Record for Back Squat in 2021.

Lenya is a Level 2 WSET Sommellier with a passion for exploring new world wines.  She has developed a love of all wines from Oregon.

Her hobbies are drinking Pinot Noir from Willamette, pulling tarot cards, and cuddling her Chiweenies.   She spent a very long time living outside of the United States and is now back and living her best LA life.

Alexandra D'Italia

Show Host

Alexandra is a writer, intrepid traveler, WWOOFER, volunteer, and lifetime learner. After a brief career as a criminal defense attorney, she earns her living as a law professor in Los Angeles.  She spends every summer she can teaching and volunteering at Jacaranda School for Orphans in Limbe, Malawi.

Her fiction and nonfiction have appeared in Underwood Press, Meat for Tea, Red Rock Review, Arcadia, and South Loop Review, among others. Love Creek Productions produced her short play, The Fix Up, in New York, New York in 2012. Her story, When He’s in the Room, won the 2013 Edward W. Moses award in fiction. Check out some of her writing here and visit her creative coaching & writing website here.

Brendan Hutchins


Brendan is the audiosmith for Women Bridging the Gap, and all of PodcastAdvocate.Network. By day he is a remodeler for his company Rockstar Remodel in Portland, OR. In the evening, he records sessions for Sing Me A Story, remodels his house, or takes care of his dog and three cats.

About Our Show

We began this podcast in response to the murder of  George Floyd, Amy Cooper’s weaponization of her white femininity, and the subsequent uprising.  We believe that honesty, openness, and love can bridge the gap between people of color and white people.  So let’s just call it what it is—what do Black Women need to say to White Women?  What do we all face together?  What do we need to own?  Where and how do we show compassion?   How do we move forward together?

Let’s be clear, we know we won’t solve the problems or even make them go away, but we want to find ways to open dialogue, listen, heal, and move forward together.  We’re good friends, and we hope to share our journey and our evolution with you.

Yet this podcast is not all about race.  Boomers, Gen Xers, Millennials, and Gen Zs—what can we learn from one another?  We want to explore what womanhood means in today’s world.  We want to embrace all our contradictions and still move forward.  We realize we’re two cisgendered women talking—and we hope to include LGBTQ voices in the future. You are part of this conversation too.  We want to include all People of Color.  Your voices all matter.  And, sometimes, we just want to talk about our graying hair and living in a youth-oriented society.

We’re passionate, loud, funny, non-judgmental, and opinionated.  We are feminists.  We believe in abundance.  We’re not journalists, but we’re open about our experiences and eager to learn from others. We want to empower ourselves and others.  Did we say we were loud?

We want you to be in on our conversation—and help us move forward one conversation at a time.