Beauty Gap

What is the feminine beauty ideal? Who decided that ideal and why is it what it is? Does it help anyone or does it just push everyone to want more? Listen as Alexandra D’Italia and Lenya Wilson explore their personal history of beauty culture, what is expected of women in the workplace, and how different the experience is for white women and Black women.

Alexandra probes as Lenya unpacks the details about what styles and aspects of Black culture are misappropriated and offensively misused, why it’s offensive, and how to remedy this mistake to show respect.


The Swirl Suite,

Links to Lenya’s sources for her talk on Cultural Appropriation at Alexandra’s 2019 Writing Leap Art & Literary Salon, which celebrated Fashion & Identity.

Where Alexandra volunteers: Jacaranda School for Orphans,

Want to talk about this with your friends? Use our conversation prompts to get you going:

  1. Who did you want to look like when you were in grammar school, if anyone.
  2. How much diversity was in your childhood world? Segregated?
  3. What picture books did you love…and those early novels, if any? Any black protagonists? Female?
  4. When you were friends, what magazines did you read? Who did you think was the prettiest? Why? .
  5. How did high school look? Cliques? Beauty? Who was the prettiest? Why?
  6. In twenties and thirties…who was your beauty ideal? Has that changed at you aged?

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