Interview with Nicole and Cassidy Part 1

Mother Nicole and Daughter Cassidy Meyers join us to discuss race and womanhood. We explore how campus interpersonal colorism has changed over time, and how race factored into Nicole’s decision to become a lawyer.

Nicole Meyers is an attorney in Los Angeles, California, where she practices plaintiff-
side employment law. She holds a J.D. from Southwestern Law School, a B.A. in
Theatre from UCLA, and is licensed to practice law in California and New York. Before
becoming an attorney, Nicole traveled the world working as an actress and model.
When she’s not aggressively advocating for her clients, Nicole’s likely enjoying quality
time with her husband, children, and their three frisky cats.

Cassidy Meyers is a senior photography major, writing minor at Spelman College. She’s a Los Angeles native who has been living in Atlanta for the past four years attending college. Recently, she participated in a program called ‘Black Future Creators’ through Beats where she got to create content related to her photography journey, which was featured on their site. She has loved the arts since childhood, and plans on continuing to use photography as a form of self expression.

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