How do Black Women and White Women understand the term Karen and how do we use that understanding to bridge the gap between us? Listen as Lenya and Alexandra discuss their first experiences with Karenism, topics of other nicknames for white women abusing their privilege, and if we should even be using these nicknames or if each one of them should be outed by their name to shame them.


  1. Check Your Privilege with Myisha T – Become a Co-Conspirator | Chats, Workshops & Join
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Prompts to get us going—in a slight arc:

  1. When do you first hear of the term?
  2. Do you think the Karenism is entitlement, race or both?
  3. Should it be a crime to call the police on Black People being Black?
  4. Have you experienced a Karen? Been a Karen?
  5. What do you say to Black women named Karen? Is it the name?
  6. Do you think it ever gets too mean or pointed to describe a type of person with physical
  7. If someone has been a Karen in the past…what next?

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