Get Off My Lawn with Alexandra’s sister Candice 

Get Off My Lawn with Alexandra’s sister Candice 

Alexandra’s sister, Candice, joins to discuss race and womanhood, in TikTok, in lacrosse, in being a mother, and in growing older.

What would you do as a mother, raising a middle school girl who wants to do everything she sees on TikTok? Candice tells Lenya and Alexandra all about what she does to protect her daughter, but also allow freedom to explore and experiment. Its a tough balance.

After her son enjoyed lacrosse in school, Candice’s daughter wanted to play too, so Candaice learned to coach lacrosse so her daughter could join the girl’s team. Candaice explains about sexism, not only in sports, but just in the default way that we all walk through the world.

Ending the episode with a few thoughts on aging, what it feels like, and what wisdom comes with it.

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