Go anywhere on any social media platform, you’re going to find trolls, people who want to argue, and spew hate, and worse. What are you supposed to do with all that hate? You’re just trying to post a cute photo, or find out about local politics, or dancing with friends.

Alexandra and Lenya gather to discuss social media, give examples of people who are doing it right and doing it wrong, and wishcast their ideal way to remedy this problem. (Hint: it has to do with education and communication.)

But that’s just part 1 of this episode. Part 2 is a check in on the New Year’s resolutions, where Lenya describes how she’s been training and sleeping, and Alexandra covers her workouts and money making plans.

Lastly, the ladies have a question for you and would like your input: Should white get a capital W the way that Black is now getting capital B? Alexandra and Lenya have different starting opinions, and we want to keep this discussion going, so join the [Facebook Group](https://www.facebook.com/groups/665585734389981) and comment on the post about this episode how you think the capitalization should be, and why.

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