Long time friend Jen Dalton joins Alexandra and Lenya to discuss writing, where to get your news, bullying, and so much more. Jen is an author of a YA novel called “Of Butterflies & Bullies” available now on Amazon. Jen tells the story of how she wrote a novel about being bullied in school so that other kids getting bullied could have something to read and see that they are not alone, and they are not broken.

There is also a deep discussion on the humanitarian crisis in Haiti, the struggles of White saviorism versus helping fellow humans, and how Hearthstone Village is getting girls in Haiti to not only finish high school, but to go to college, too! Haiti has one of the lowest rates of girls in school, and a girls education is the greatest tool to get a community out of poverty.

Jenny Dalton (you can call her Jen too) is an author, facilitator, coach, healer and polymath. She’s an ENFT, Sagittarius, Manifesting Generator. Her work in the world flows from facilitating healthier local food systems and fundraising for an orphanage in Haiti, to talking about her recently published book “Of Butterflies & Bullies” – a Judy Blume inspired story about her experience being bullied in 5th grade. She’s also starting what she calls the Better Friends Club which will create a space for grown women to heal from their own childhood bullying. And, Jenny is excited that she recently became a Kind Campaign ambassador which means she will be facilitating school assemblies to empower younger girls to talk about their own bullying experiences. As a woman who devours learning opportunities and reads voraciously, she leans towards topics of spirituality, quantum physics, shamanism, plant medicines, the mysteries of life and consciousness and post-apocalyptic survival stories.

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