In today’s episode, Lenya and Alexandra talk to a perinatal nurse about racial and gender bias in nursing. Andrea is a labor and delivery nurse 10 years into her dream career. She embraces the intersectionality of being a female, Filipino-American immigrant, millennial, veteran, and more. She loves fitness, her family (three pups and one great husband), and the kinds of friendships where different women can face issues of race and social justice together.

Thank you to Andrea for these links:

One (of many) guides to starting to address implicit bias: (tips at the end of the article and in a linked “Dear IHI” question and answer at the end of the page)

Harvard Implicit Bias Test

My favorite article on why social determinants of health/social justice should matter to nurses:
Moving Toward Health Equity by Addressing Social Determinants of Health
Breanna Lathrop; Published:January 05, 2020; DOI:

My favorite organization that is taking subjective looks at what is happening in CA maternal health units, and where/how we can improve:
California Maternal Quality Care Collaborative –
CMQCC Resources for patients –

Favorite labor/maternity social media accounts (with online classes for expectant parents too):

Favorite positive nursing social media account:

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