Producer of the show Brendan Hutchins is back to talk about getting his vasectomy reversed, having babies in this current state of the world, and just an update on what’s going on in his world.

Very quickly the topic turns to capitalism, as it often does, and we discuss the various things companies do because of the capitalistic incentives that drive all of their actions. There is also good conversation about charging your worth, and Lenya delighted by revealing she recently asked for a raise after starting The No Budget Babe course.

We shift over to discussing green energy and electric vehicles. Alexandra expresses she would feel guilty driving a fancy car, and Brendan counters that he just preordered a fancy electric car. Well, fancy and practical. There is a nice conversation about Tesla and never mentioned the CEO.

Brendan is getting married, so the ladies ask all about the planning and what’s going to happen, and share horror stories of weddings they’ve attended.

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