Lenya, The One, That Weightlifting Champion 

Lenya, The One, That Weightlifting Champion 

Lenya performed at a weightlifting competition last week and is here to tell ua all about it. Not only did she tell us about how she won and what it was like, but explained the sport and the competition, how it’s judged, and what comes next.

Holidays are coming up, so we discuss what we have planned, and how we plan to not eat too much, famous last words.

But don’t think we just forgot about race issues, rounding out the episode we discuss Kyle Writtenhouse’s trial, the murder of Ahmaud Arbery and how that trial is getting less attention, and the overall weight of news today.

Alexandra was on a Gen-X trivia night podcast episode you can find here: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/who-will-save-generation-x-trivia-game-show/id1550660608

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