After a fantastic update on Lenya’s current lift training status, Alexandra and Lenya open up about the dogs they’ve raised, where they got them, what they asked for to get them, and how they lived their lives.

But as these things go, the conversation turned to race, and what is the nature of culture? How do you define culture, and when is it right to question a person’s actions, or their culture?

The episode wraps back to the perils of social media (Hey there, Capitalism, funny I’d meet you here.) and Lenya explains how TiKTok is the only social media platform she even wants to use anymore, and for good reason! Other social media platforms are silencing Black, Brown, and Indigionus voices.

And finally, Alexandra ponders where modern kids are learning civics lessons if not from School House Rock anymore. If you’re a parent or in the know, send us an email [](

[Microaggressions Like Mosquito Bites](

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