Continuing the exploration of racism in everyday things, Alexandra and Lenya discuss tarot, where tarot came from, what it means to use tarot, and descriptions of different types of cards, decks, and crystals.

Below you’ll find links to all the different tarot decks and cards discussed in the episode.

Do you have a favorite tarot card deck? How does it speak to you? What’s your main purpose using tarot cards? Do you ever think about the origin or path tarot has taken to get to you? Join the [Facebook Group]( or use any of the contact methods below to reach out and let us know your tarot journey.


* [Lupita Nyongo](
* [Racism and Formula 1 Racing](
* [Sir Patrick Stewart’s wife](
* [Sir Patrick Stewart Domestic Violence The Guardian article](
* [Shows Chewing Gum, Black Earth Rising and I May Destroy you](
* [Effie’s Paper](
* [Lenya’s favorite crystal shop](
* [Tarot podcast](
* [Star Trek](
* [Alexandra’s Blog](
* [I May Destroy you, Insecure, Lovecraft Country](
* [Girlfriends](

Tarot Cards we mention:

Light Seer’s Tarot Home

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