The Interracial Friendship Gap

Can Black women and white women have deep and authentic friendships? What are the stumbling blocks? Lenya and Alexandra share how many friends of other races they have. And then they push one another—how close are they? Friends or mere acquaintances? Together, they explore how deeper friendships might be formed and what the realities are for women today
who need safe spaces to restore.


Melinda Anderson, The Atlantic, When White Children and Black Children Grow Apart,

Kim McLarin, The Washington Post, Can Black Women and White Women be True Friends?,

This episode was inspired, in part, by: The Swirl Suite,, Racism in the Wine Industry

Want to talk about this with your friends? Use our conversation prompts to get you going:

  1. Why do you think white women often say they have friendships with Black women, while
    Black women often feel acquaintanceship?
  2. What is the level of friendship that you have with your Black friends? Do you talk about race? Do you talk about the Black Experience? What is the level of friendship you have with your
    white friends? Do you talk about race? The Black Experience?
  3. What constitutes Allyship in the White community and why do a lot of progressive white people not have Black friends?
  4. When having a party do you ever think about how your Black friends or non Black friends of Color are going to socialize and commune with others?
  5. Black people often navigate White space, do you think White people can navigate Black spaces – ie get an invite to the Cookout?
  6. Do you think that white feminism has a role in the complicated issue of trust in interracial female friendships?
  7. Do you think interracial friendships that begin at childhood stand the test of time or does awareness and our environment foster “growing apart?

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